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"Fast Taxi"
This was one of my first skin attempts on the 73 Firebird.
"Shades of Freedom"
Nice tri-blend body, Great Wolf design on hood, decals are a little large.
"The Flow".
This was my brothers first skin attempt. His second is "Baja Ready". Be sure to watch for more of his skins.
"Striped Camaro"
This is a fairly simple skin, However it is my first with a fully custom interior as well as an undercarriage done with detail.

Rally Stang
I modelled this skin after A GT40 road rally car. I did the skin on a Boss 302,(only cuz I have 1 in garage to check), but I am sure it would fit all 70's.
Neon Twist
Fairly basic skin I just liked the way the stripes worked out.
Penske Camaro
Modelled after the '67 Mark
Donahue/Roger Penske
Trans-Am Camaro
Graphic Ranchero
A mix of stripes and flames...no clue where the inspiration for this one came from.