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On this page you will find various skins designed by either me or my brother.
Finally, I have figured out the mysterious world of linking images to downloadable files, so now all my skins can be downloaded by clicking on the image of the skin you want. You will find the link "MisfitMail" throughout the site, this is a direct link to my emailif you want to contact me. Enjoy....

The "Jeg's Camaro"
Picture and skin are for 67 Camaro, but probably could be used on others as well.
"Baja Ready"
This skin was made for the 70 Mach 1.
"MCO Xtreme Racing"
This skin is done on a 73 Firebird.
"Team FireBird"
Another 73 Firebird skin. Bottom text reads"MCO Xtreme Racing".
"Celtic Pride"
Very nice 70 Mach 1 skin, Celtic ribbon lines up all the way around car, also nice trunk and hood graphics.
Copy of a Die-Cast Moon Racer. Skin has detailed maching interior. This is for the 57 Bel-Air.